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Most books written on migraines are mono-dimensional and deal with a specific treatment that claims to help all sufferers universally. Unfortunately this is simply not the case and many sufferers remain in pain and get frustrated. There is no single known treatment that suits each and every sufferer.

Sufferers need to take into account:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Diet
  • Health Factors
  • Stress Levels
  • Medicines
  • Lifestyle

All these factors will influence migraines and the treatment you choose. For example- a woman who gets hormonal migraines around the same time every month needs a vastly different regimen to a male teenager who gets migraines from exam stress! This book has been written to address every sufferer with their own individual needs and to provide a wealth of possible treatments from which to choose.

Managing Migraines is written objectively and states the facts, advantages, precautions and side effects for each remedy used. There are so many treatments out there and this book is meant to create the awareness of what is available for each individual sufferer. In addition, Managing Migraines has been written in layman’s terms, so as not to overwhelm the reader with complex and confusing medical terminology.

No one need remain in pain and untreated… There is something for everyone in this book!

Managing Migraines deals with a wide variety of treatments available for use in migraines. These remedies include the following:
  • common prescription and over the counter medicines to treat an acute attack
  • prescription medicines to prevent migraines
  • useful vitamins, minerals and supplements
  • herbal remedies
  • alternative healthcare, such as:

Managing Migraines will help you in the treatment of the following special needs sufferers:
  • managing migraines in children
  • managing migraines in pregnancy
  • managing migraines during breast feeding
  • managing migraines in the elderly

Managing Migraines includes detailed information on:
  • Common trigger factors
  • Foods known to cause migraines
  • Useful lifestyle modifications
  • Migraine diary to track your migraines

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