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Claire Houlding (nee Claassens) was born in South Africa. She started suffering from migraine headaches from about 6 years of age. The migraines have continued throughout her life and therefore inspired her to not only research, but also try, their countless treatment alternatives. She studied pharmacy at Rhodes University, graduating with distinction. She has worked as a retail pharmacist since graduation and managed, in her professional capacity, to help many sufferers deal with their debilitating pain.

Having been in a state of desperation herself, by suffering with blinding migraines, she was able to assist patients from a professional as well as personal perspective. Her success in helping innumerable patients by empowering them to deal effectively with their pain, inspired her to write Managing Migraines, so that she could reach many more sufferers and provide them with the many treatment alternatives accessible to them. It has been very important to Claire to explore all effective treatment alternatives available in the management of migraines, not just from a pharmaceutical stand-point, but also from an alternative, complementary and dietary perspective. She decided to include all these various options, as well as useful lifestyle modifications in her book, in order to broaden the horizons of the many inadequately treated sufferers worldwide.

She has successfully managed to reduce the frequency and severity of her own migraines so significantly, that she wants to impart her knowledge to other sufferers, so that they too may gain relief from their physical anguish.

Claire currently resides in Vancouver, WA with her husband and sons.

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